Reframing Ageing

Public perceptions of ageing, older age and demographic change

July 2021

Attempting to change narratives is often known as ‘reframing’: making
conscious and intentional choices about what to include – and what
not to include – in communications in order to influence how people
think, feel, and act on certain issues. The language we use matters
because it can influence public opinion, which can in turn influence
policy choices and decisions.
The current ‘dominant view’ of ageing and demographic change is
summarised in the table on page 6 of the report. This is derived from our literature review and discourse analysis, which explored how ageing was talked about and represented across different parts of society.
The ‘alternative view’, also summarised, has been developed
over several years of researching ageing and how people experience
later life. Many working in ageing already advocate for this view and
ascribe to it, however it is clearly at odds with the current dominant
view. The gap between these two views represents the reframing
challenge. The report explores this and how we create that shift from the
dominant view to the alternative view.

Read the report at Centre for Ageing Better source: Reframing-ageing-public-perceptions.pdf

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