Gender + Money = Interior Design

Every time I walk into a redesigned home I notice one thing in common: sanitized perfection. The low, uncomfortable couches with the clean lines, the teak furniture, and the endless wood. For a long time I just considered this the “mod” look, but rich people have a different name for it. Mid-cench.  What Is Mid-Cench? […]

Gender + Money = Interior Design

Look out Google, here comes chatbot

“Ultimately, the future of chatbots will depend on the ways in which they are developed and utilized by businesses and individuals.”

Eye View

Warning: not all of this article was written by a human

Google was a game-changer when it first came out. I started using the browser in 1998.

image: Call Centre Helper

I was hooked on Google from the start. Unlike other browsers, Google had an uncluttered screen with a simple search window. And it delivered results.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has revolutionized the tech industry with so many reliable products like Translate, Maps, Earth, Street View, and Docs. Alphabet made what came before it look like lumbering dinosaurs.

Now Google is threatened by a creature of its own making.

Three weeks ago, an experimental chatbot called ChatGPT made its case to be the industry’s next big disrupter. Using technology created by Google, ChatGPT can serve up information in clear, simple sentences, rather than just a list of internet links. It can explain concepts in ways people can easily understand.


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