Photos from Winter

Photo: Suzanne and John’s Mom. Snowdrops arrive in Massachusetts. I haven’t posted photos for a while, and now I’m realizing that today’s selection goes way back to early January, when Erik’s mother was still visiting from Sweden. She showed me a garden-like cemetery in Providence where she loves to run — and where we were […]

Photos from Winter

Beyond PPI: People living with dementia in the driving seat

The Small Places

Some days expand your heart, mind and horizons; yesterday was that kind of day. And I want to share what I found out with you, so that your heart, mind and horizons can also grow larger.

I was privileged to be invited to a roundtable meeting by the Dementia Pioneers. This is a group of people living with dementia, who are researchers. They played a central role in a project that ran for the last five years and is just coming to an end, the Dementia Enquirers. The project developed a new approach to research that was led and controlled by people with dementia themselves.

Beyond ‘PPI’ and co-production

If you work in research, particularly health or care research, you have probably heard of ‘PPI’ – public and patient involvement. PPI is increasingly a core requirement of health research funding bodies, and what it entails can vary enormously –…

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DoxBox Trustbot: Putting the GO in Algorithmic Oppression

“I think we – I mean people, humans – always think things can’t get any weirder. In 2019 I started working on DoxBox Trustbot, my show about the unhealthy, asymmetrical strangeness of the deals we do with technology companies. DoxBox is an animated artificial intelligence who lives in a pink and gold box and loves J-Pop. It will ask you questions about your phone and the apps you use, then give you advice about how you could be safer and happier….”

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Camden People’s Theatre:

The Queen’s Gambit

In a way, I would like to apologize for this post – with so much of great importance going on in the world, why take time for this? No defense except, well, people are watching it, I was interested, and it’s a much more manageable topic than actually important things. So there. And I’m interested […]

The Queen’s Gambit

Most of the best dialogue is taken directly from the book, and is very smart. There’s a lot of intelligent dialogue in this series, sometimes with an amusing arch formality that’s very true to the period. I laughed out loud when Beth accuses her adoptive mother, “You’ve been reading Alan Watts again.”