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The Queen’s Gambit

In a way, I would like to apologize for this post – with so much of great importance going on in the world, why take time for this? No defense except, well, people are watching it, I was interested, and it’s a much more manageable topic than actually important things. So there. And I’m interested […]

The Queen’s Gambit

Most of the best dialogue is taken directly from the book, and is very smart. There’s a lot of intelligent dialogue in this series, sometimes with an amusing arch formality that’s very true to the period. I laughed out loud when Beth accuses her adoptive mother, “You’ve been reading Alan Watts again.”

Anita Pallenberg – by Suzanne Moore

Both Pallenberg and her friend Marianne Faithfull have had to live with constantly being compared to their 20-year-old selves and found wanting. It is heartening that these women maintained a close friendship despite the coming and going of the men; that they are survivors not victims.

Source: 2) Anita Pallenberg – by Suzanne Moore

‘Sometimes being invisible isn’t helpful’

by Jim Thomas, Skills for Care

Whilst being invisible is a good thing from a support perspective, I have started to wonder if invisibility gets in the way of the improving the general public’s perspective of social care. If you don’t notice social care workers, why would you see the need to value what they do?

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