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The left behind?

I don’t really want to write this blogpost. Or rather I do, but I want people to tell me all the reasons I’m wrong. I’ve been reading ‘The Wall’ by John Lanchester, a dystopian, yet all too real-seeming novel. Following ‘the change’, a catastrophic climate-related event, much of the world has become uninhabitable, leading to […]

The left behind?

More Bills

Love, Belief and Balls

Bollocks. I’m just going to write what I feel and deal with the fallout later.

In 1992, I went to see the Gloria theatre company’s marvellous musical adaptation of the Ruth Rendell book, “A Judgement In Stone.” Sheila Hancock won several awards for her lead role as the housekeeper, Eunice. As I had to wait for my wife to finish her business in the Ladies, I missed the opening three minutes of the play. What I didn’t realise until many months later is that the production had used the conceit, rather like Blood Brothers, and given the ending away in the first scene. So, ignorant of this, I watched on in horror as the nice, benevolent Ms Hancock was revealed to be a mass killer in a terrifying denouement.

Why do I keep thinking of this play whenever I read anything about the much publicized Downs Syndrome Bill?

I’ve been…

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