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Lessons from dancing

“How To Be Old” — Write Into Life

“And under the fun of the poem, I do have a strong secret message. Not only can old age be delightful in its way, a “reward” for living a very long time. But by extension, life is worth living: it’s worth staying alive.”

Source: https://writeintolife.com/2022/11/06/dancing-how-to-be-old/

Preparing for old age

Vision for Ageing in Aotearoa — Write Into Life

“If you think this talk could be useful for someone you know, please share the link, which you’ll find on YouTube. People caring for aging parents, people about to retire, aged care workers and nurses spring to mind. The talk includes a couple of poems, but don’t let that scare you.”

Source: https://writeintolife.com/2022/06/08/preparing-for-old-age/

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