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Chairs. Can you imagine your house without chairs? A seat, with a back, generally meant for one person. A chair must have been one of the first things our Stone Age ancestors invented. Or let us say found useful. Perhaps just a boulder. Or a tree stump. Just something they could sit on. To begin […]


One portal – a world of social care knowledge

ADASS members received presentations from 5 agencies focussed on supporting sector-led improvement at their recent Gateshead seminar, namely:

· The Local Government Group

· Skills for Care

· Social Care Institute for Excellence

· Research in practice for Adults

· National Skills Academy – social care

The unanimous opinion of those present summed up by ADASS Workforce Network Chair Jo Cleary was – that’s great, we didn’t know that’s what you did and good to see it all in one place in a leaflet.

The challenge was laid to down to take things further through a single portal on the web. Thereby the participants thought life could be made easier for those seeking the best support, advice and knowledge. ADASS members clearly want a cooperative support service where organisations complement and augment each other rather than a competitive one where there is duplication and complexity.

CPEANOSE has searched web for the leaflet to no avail so has reproduced it here as a starter to the single portal: