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Chairs. Can you imagine your house without chairs? A seat, with a back, generally meant for one person. A chair must have been one of the first things our Stone Age ancestors invented. Or let us say found useful. Perhaps just a boulder. Or a tree stump. Just something they could sit on. To begin […]


Relax With Moon

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat 

How stressful this time of year has become? How far our six-week shopping binge is from its roots, from that old mid-winter festival when everyone was looking forward to a celebration and a bit of community – as well as a prayer that the sun would actually come up again.

Did you know, to always make sure that was going to happen, they used to send the shepherd boys up to the highest point as the sun dropped to its lowest point at winter solstice, 21st December? And of course, there was no Roman calendar then just observation of the seasons and the sun moon and stars – so they used to add a buffer of three days for safety, so full celebration was on the 24th (Christmas Eve) to really be sure that the sun was rising.

‘Son’ rising after 3 days – could there be a spiritual clue here?

So what about now you may ask? 

Our wonderful material society that constantly encourages endless feeding but in which we never become fully satisfied. So how can we stand up to all the Tesco or John Lewis ads and Slade tracks? 

Many people, the poorest of course, often times borrow huge amounts of money and end up with serious debt with the legal or/and illegal loan sharks. A whole year paying for one day.

And before you say, ‘It’s for the children’, perhaps for us adults a little self reflection might not come amiss.

The Myth of Christmas 

You cannot deny it is a wonderful story. A new baby, stars, royal visitors, mysterious lights in the sky: wow.

I like myths. I don’t really mind whether they are true or not, if they have a great message for us all. Myths, yes, but there is of course the reality of the family and time spent with various relatives you may or may not have met during the rest of the year. Or does it only highlight a sense of loneliness for those without family, and even for those in company?

So relax with Moon. Top tips. 

1. Be strong.

2. Ignore the messages of the consumer society

3. Be courteous and respectful to those who do believe

4. Be generous of heart to yourself and others

5. Enjoy with moderation, share, no need for excessive food. Many have little. Some have none

6. Drink loads of water

7. Take time out to relax

8. Be mindful. Turn off the television and delight in the mid-winter, cosy on up with a blanket and listen to some relaxing music

9. Pamper yourself, with some time out

10. And most of all – Have a happy, relaxed Christmas.